Saturday, December 13, 2008

Basic junket

Junket is a delicious dessert, as well as classic invalid food.

It's great for subtly showcasing the flavours of the honey you use, and it's fun to experiment with different honeys.

For rennet, I use curds and whey vege rennet, but any kind will do of course. Alter the temperature and quantity according to the instructions for your own rennet.

You need
2 cups milk
2 big teaspoonfuls of honey
Vanilla to taste
Curds and Whey vege rennet
A thermometer

To make
Gently heat milk and honey together in a pot, stirring to mix in the honey.

Keep an eye on the temperature and take it off the heat at 31 degrees.

If it heats up further, just let it cool to 31 again before you do the rest.

Add a drop (or 2 or 3) of vanilla and stir quickly.

Mix a couple of drops of rennet with a tsp of water.

Stir the rennet/water into the milk for 15 seconds or so.

This is your junket mix. Pour it into bowls and leave to set.

Don't move the junket at all while it's setting. That can break the curd.

Once it's set you can refrigerate it. (Not before.)

Have it plain, or sprinkle on a little nutmeg or cinnamon.


Heather said...

Yum :-) I like junket a lot. Quite often I bring the milk to the boil with some cardamon pods, whole cloves, cinnamon bark, a little mace or nutmeg and a split vanilla bean. I leave it to stand for half an hour or so to infuse, sieve it to remove the whole spices then allow it to cool to temperature before continuing with the same method of yours - honey, rennet etc.

I'm loving your blogs! I'm hoping to bottle about 4L of elderflower syrup today (it's all sitting in the fridge in jars at the moment - bottling is too physical for me, but my husband came back from a respite break yesterday so hopefully he can do it this afternoon). I made some sorbet with some of the syrup last week, and it was subtle and elegant and very pleasant indeed. We're going to make up the cordial with bubbly water for our Christmas day lunch - it'll be neat to have something so exotic tasting to serve from our own garden.

Johanna Knox said...

The Elderflower sorbet sounds divine!

Not to mention the spicy junket ... :)
I've done it with cinnamon and also with turmeric before (a riff on turmeric milk!)

Never thought to add cardamom or cloves ... something else to try! :)